Vital C hydrating A C E Serum

VITAL Hydrating Antioxidant A C E Serum


Up your skin’s daily defense system with this multi-vitamin serum. This concentrated essence is infused with a power blend of vitamins, amino acids and plant antioxidants to diminish the look of fine lines, dryness and dullness. Delivers maximum antioxidants for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Size: 30 ml




This powerful cocktail of three forms of vitamin C, along with vitamin A and E, infused with antioxidants, provides maximum environmental damage protection and reduces visible signs of ageing. Plus supports collagen production, diminishes fine lines and boosts hydration.

Skin Type: Dry or dehydrated skin; sensitive skin, irritated skin; post-treatment, ageing skin and rosacea.


This A C E serum is great for healing and hydrating my skin. The Vitamin E has significantly helped any acne scarring! My skin also looks and feels smoother, brighter and has more of a “glow”.